Pantheon Harbinger 2017- Deck

Pantheon Harbinger 2017- Deck

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We are excited to bring the 2017 Harbinger to fruition! The Harbinger has always been a badass board. We are now in the 3rd rendition of this deck, with an all-new, dedicated mold! The Harbinger is here to satisfy your grip and rip needs. It is a FULL TOP MOUNT, no rocker, no frills grip stick. You can stand right on the trucks with this thing or surf the middle with ease.

What makes the Harbinger special is it’s tapered concave and Figure 8 W-concave. We call this mold the Twerk Booty Mold, because it has two bumps right next to each other, with the rear bump being more exaggerated for aggressive handling when you need all the leverage. This deck is a leverage machine!

The tapered concave is designed specifically for this shape of taper, with a gradual release of concave toward the back, so going rail to rail is comfortable, but there is still way more board feel than if we simply kept the same concave all the way through the deck.

The Figure 8 W-concave is designed so that your rear foot always has leverage points. The front wheelbase options allow you to modify your deck to fit your stance. Flat-footed tuckers will love slanting their rear foot between the two bumps. Heel lifters can nestle their foot between the front W bump and the rail, or right in between the two bumps, if you’re one of those middle of the board tuckers! The options are all there, and you will find a home on this deck that suits you. Most importantly the large bubble in the back places the rear toe right up against a substantial bump and will even allow you to hang a little toe on the edge WHILE utilizing the bump. All the leverage you could possible need, and you will need it, because this top mount inspires aggressive gripping.

Let’s get you the specs and be on our merry way:

  • 35 inches long
  • 9.75 inches wide
  • 24.5 – 27 inch wheelbase