Longboard Grip Tape - Moonshine MFG Roam 'XXX'

Longboard Grip Tape - Moonshine MFG Roam 'XXX'

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Stay locked in during your most aggressive freeride shredding and slides. Laser cut 'XXX', 50 grit, Roam Longboard grip tape is specifically formulated for superior DH and Freeride traction.

Longboard grip tape comes in all kinds of grits.  50 grit is very grippy and will help you keep your feet in place no matter how rowdy you get.  It will also be more durable than a lower grit count.  

Whether your board has an inlaid style clear grip, or is previously gripped, this grip tape will be a perfect replacement once it's worn out.  With old grip tape you'll want to be sure and remove the tape before you apply the new-new.

Sheet size:  11" x 48"