LiQWOOD Shredler

LiQWOOD Shredler

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The 2017 Shredler is easily one of the curviest boards on the market! At the front, a bubble drop transitions to deep tub concave to lock you in, and W concave rises up towards the back into a unique “Y-Bar” shape that gives you the ultimate grip for toe and heel side slides.

9-plies of Great Lakes Maple laminated with Radio Frequency press technology make for a super durable ride. Made in Denver by skaters using waterbased glues, paints, and finishes.

We do not offer this model as a complete because we believe you need to dial in your setup for your own riding style's and safety - especially at high speeds or on mountain roads.


  • 36.5" Length x 9.9" Width.
  • Wheelbase: 23"-25"
  • 9 Plies of stiffness
  • CNC machined to perfection.
  • Every board inspected for precision and long lasting performance.