Limited Art Series Longboard - Winter Wonderland

Limited Art Series Longboard - Winter Wonderland

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NOTE: Ships with new shape featuring double kicktail (Click here to see new shape)  Now featuring Atlas Trucks and Boss Hawgs Wheels.

Our made in USA dropthrough board is incredibly smooth and durable, it's perfect for freestyle skating, sliding, commuting around town, or mellow downhills.  We will only make 100 of this board EVER, and each one is  hand numbered.  It's our way of keeping artwork unique to each skater!  

Every board is thoroughly inspected to ensure ultra high quality.  We build this board with top tier components for the best ride possible.

 Money Back Guarantee
3-Day Money Back Guarantee.  We know that buying off the internet without trying a product first can be nerve-racking, and if you've never longboarded before, even more.  That's why each complete board has a 3 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked.  We will even cover your shipping to get the board back to us.
Drop-Through Design.  Trucks are mounted through the board to keep the deck closer to the ground.  This makes for increased stability as you push and take more speed.
Concave Deck.  Holds your feet in place and makes the board carve smoothly.
Seven Ply Decks Industry Standard Canadian Maple Deck.  The perfect wood for a little bit of springiness and playfulness, but enough stiffness for stability at speeds and for sliding.
Slide Wheels.  Ultra high performance Boss Hawgs 70mm  Slide wheels that hold very steady for carving, but let loose when you want them to release.  
Complete ships with Atlas Trucks.



Kaitlyn Shanks is currently a junior in high school in Wisconsin. Besides playing sports and focusing on academics, she enjoys creating art and plans to follow that path into college and beyond.