Kloof Blank African Mahogany Pintail Deck

Kloof Blank African Mahogany Pintail Deck

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*Video features Colfax Deck with same shape, style, and size but without accent wood. 

Ultra premium blank longboard.  Unlike other blanks these boards are built from scratch by BOARDLife Factory in Denver, CO and crafted to perfection to ride as good or better than any top brand name deck you've ever skated.  Grab a blank longboard deck and make it your own.

The Kloof deck is designed for cruising with friends and squeezing every last drop out of the long summer days.  Classic flowy pintail design with performance put first.  African Mahogany bottom to stand out from the rest.

  • 41" Length.  Fast and flowy with all the foot room you could need.
  • CNC machined to perfection.
  • Every board inspected for precision and long lasting performance.