Holesom Biscuit Freeride / Cruiser

Holesom Biscuit Freeride / Cruiser

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SoCal thru and thru.  Biscuit's shape comes from one of Holesom's surfboards and was prototyped throughout the Laguna Beach hills, Corona Del Mar alleys, and several undisclosed locations.

31.5" freeride/cruise/ditch deck made of bamboo and hemp.  This board is stiff and has the perfect mix of concave and rocker with poppy tail kick and a spoon nose kick.  8.5" wide and wheel base of 18.75".  Spray gripped for added style.

Completes ship with Holesom California Bearings and seafoam green risers, plus the trucks/wheels of your choosing.

Made in Oregon, Holesom/LBL collaboration.