Artist Series Longboard: Fluidity

Artist Series Longboard: Fluidity

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Whether you ride the mountain's steep roads or monsters in the ocean, stay fluid!  We are making 100 of these boards total.  Each board is hand numbered underneath the rear truck and is built from scratch by BoardLIFE in Denver, CO.  

The perfect classic surfy setup for learning to cruise and slide, with just the right amount of concave and a perfect shape to keep a solid footing and retain smooth control for carvy flowing.


 Money Back Guarantee
3-Day Money Back Guarantee.  We know that buying off the internet without trying a product first can be nerve-racking, and if you've never longboarded before, even more.  That's why each complete board has a 3 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked.  We will even cover your shipping to get the board back to us.
Classic Pintail Surfy Design.  The design that became a classic for a reason, taking the surfy feel to the pavement.
Concave Deck.  Holds your feet in place and makes the board carve smoothly.
Seven Ply Decks Seven Ply Canadian Maple Deck.  Seven plys or "sheets" of ultra strong and durable industry standard Canadian maple gives this board a solid and smooth ride. Measures 38" Long x 9" Wide.
Grippy Wheels.
 Ultra high performance Blood Orange 73mm 78A Duro Alpine series wheels that will keep the board from sliding out.  Better carving for higher speeds mounted on a set of highly coveted Caliber II 50 Degree White/Gold Trucks. (COMPLETE SETUP ONLY)


Glenn Fournier: In my 38 years I have learned to live for the things that bring me joy (surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, ART, music and most importantly my family). With so much of the world telling you that to succeed you must be a certain way, it only takes one person to believe in you to create something that matters.