Longboarding FAQ

Everything you need to know to start longboarding from purchase through advanced skating.  We are constantly adding new helpful tips and tutorials several times a week through our blog.  

Purchasing a longboard or hardware can be a tough decision and we want to make sure you get the gear that's right for you.  Even if that means ordering from a different website!  Here's a selection of articles aimed to help you learn everything about longboarding and how longboards work.  

Picking the Right Longboard

  1.  Longboard Types and Choosing the Right Board
  2. The Best Longboard Brands of 2017
  3. Choosing the best longboard brand for your style
  4. Pintail or Dropthrough : Which one should I choose?

Beginner Longboarding Tips and Guides

  1. How to Ride a Longboard
  2. 7 Longboarding Tips for Starting Out
  3. What's the Best Longboard for Beginners?
  4. How to Stop on a Longboard
  5. Nailing the Perfect Longboard Slide

Longboard Maintenance + Gear Explained:

  1. How to Clean Longboard Bearings
  2. How to Clean Griptape
  3. ABEC Bearing Ratings Explained
  4. Longboard Truck Angles Explained
  5. Longboard Wheels Explained
  6. Installing Dropthrough Trucks