Dre Nubine

We sat down and had a quick chat with Dre about skating and life, here's a brief introduction to what he's all about.

Name: Dre Nubine

Hometown: Aurora, CO

What board(s) do you ride? Pantheon Embryo, Ronin Trucks 45/20 154mm, Seismic wheels (typically 77A defcon Hotspots), ceramic Tekton bearings

Favorite place to shred: Colorado is the best, Cali is cool though

Goofy or regular?: Regular

What got you into longboarding?: In a nutshell, this kid sold me a bunk longboard and when I broke myself off on it we became bestfriends and learned downhill together

Push mongo or regular?: Depends on how much I wanna throw you off

Favorite tunes: Oldies of any genre but mostly Rick James 

Beverage of Choice? Horchata 

Social Media: Facebook- https://m.facebook.com/dre.nubine

Instagram- @apexordie_grizzly