Buy a longboard online - Our Guarantee

Every Concrete Coast longboard comes with our 3-day Skate and love it guarantee.

Buying a longboard online can seem like a pretty risky endeavor.  Boards are dramatically different from one brand to the next.  If you don't know the company and can't feel the board, how are you supposed to decide which one is best for you?

We understand that are shelling out this much cold hard cash is no easy decision.  And even though we know you'll love our products and components, for that off chance that you don't we created our skate and love it guarantee.

From the day you get the board you have 3 full days to cruise and test it.  If you aren't happy with how it rides or it doesn't fit what you are looking for, let us know and we'll pay to send it back.  We just want you to be happy!  Concrete Coast will even cover your shipping for both directions along with the full cost of the board.

So now the question is, why wouldn't you buy a longboard online?  With our guarantee you have nothing to lose!  

Before you buy a new longboard online, be sure to checkout our longboard guide to get the one that fits how you skate or plan to skate.  A little bit of research goes a long way and you'll be glad you read this post.