About us

Originally created in 2012, Concrete Coast has been building a community around longboarding and getting outside.
Concrete Coast is a brand that’s built for the long boarder that leaves school and heads straight to the local spot to meet friends and ride until the sun goes down.  For the skater that structures all his work time around getting back on the longboard or competing in the next contest.  We are here for the boarders that love to skate more than anything else.  These passionate people are the ones who inspire us all and who make us see everyday life in a new way.  
Founder Connor Walberg began his working career as a bike mechanic and eventually became a professional photographer inspired by action sports and the athletes that spend every waking moment on the sports that they love.  His photography work has been published all over the world and in major publications like Outside, Skiing Magazine, Powder, and Freeskier.  He continues to live every moment with a strong passion for the outdoors and bringing creative new ideas into everything he does.  One of his favorite aspects with Concrete Coast is being able to help athletes through sponsorship, creating videos and photos, and gaining traction within their sports.  His vision with Concrete Coast is to create a real community of long boarders where each customer is so much more than just a sale or a dollar number, they are what make the community great.
Everything Concrete Coast makes is built around an outdoor long boarding lifestyle.  A lifestyle that knows no limits to what is possible, brings like-minded skaters together, and lets us push who we are as humans.