BOARDLife Factory Blank Longboard Decks

Blank longboard decks are the perfect way to represent who you are.
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Our blank longboard decks are built from scratch by BOARDLife Factory in Denver, CO.  Each one is meticulously crafted using the best wood available and designed for a high performance ride.  These are the handmade longboards you've been dreaming about.  We have options in every style of board, from blank pintail longboards to blank downhill decks, you're covered.

There are loads of blank decks around the net, but for the most part they are cheap mass produced decks that weren't built for real skaters and may not withstand the test of time.  You can rest assured that a Board Life blank will outperform just about any other blank deck on the market.  These will ride at the same level as any well known top tier brand you know.  These are the TOP longboard decks out there, and they ride like a dream. 

Why buy a blank longboard deck?

To make it your own!  The first and easiest way to style up your deck is with any cool stickers you have lying around.  You could even use paper cutouts to spray tag the deck with your own style.  There's literally endless opportunities for making your board your own.  

These also make amazing gifts.  Show a friend some support and make them their own custom deck.

If you feel like a sellout repping any brand, then a blank longboard deck is the perfect solution.

Are you starting a longboard company?  Send us an email here so we can discuss bulk discount rates and work on professionally applied graphics.  These work great for companies that are looking for promotional materials as well.


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