Why you should buy a pintail longboard

With all the new styles, it can be tough to understand why you’d want to buy a pintail longboard.  Here’s a list of reasons we think that this type of longboard will never go out of style, and why you’ll want one in your board quiver.

It’s surf style classic shape makes for an amazingly fun ride:

Top-mount pintails sit on top of the trucks.  By doing this they have a higher pivot point and give the deck more space to carve at a deep angle.  This may make for a little bit of a tougher learning curve, but it makes it even more fun to cruise on.  There’s nothing quite like leaning into a deep cut turn and holding on with everything you have.  Pintail longboards are the classic standard shape that was created to replicate a surf experience.

Pintail longboard from the front

Theres a wide range of pintail sizes on the market:

It’s easy to pick one up that fits how you want to skate.  There’s even really long specific pintails that feel the most like an actual surfboard.

It looks amazing:

Although a lot of people love the dropthroughs more technical look, the smooth curves of a pintail are a classic and beautiful design.

You’re less likely to catch your shoe on a wheel:

Dropthrough longboards take time to learn because the wheels stick out and are higher through the deck.  This makes it possible to catch your foot on a wheel while you are pushing.  Do this a few times early on and you’ll be pretty nervous skating.  With a pintail longboard you’re not likely to catch your foot and can enjoy using the whole surface area of the deck.

More space for artwork on each deck:

The design on a longboard represents you and your style.  With a pintail you don’t have cutouts for the trucks.  The constant curve on each side makes for a perfect art canvas.  Don’t get us wrong, dropthrough artwork is gorgeous too, but a pintail deck is such a clean canvas!

The wheels will grip better:

Having the top mount deck means you can have your feet and weight more directly over the trucks.  This makes for a grippy ride since the wheels will have more traction.  This is why carving boards are almost always top-mounts.

Why would I not want a pintail longboard?

If you are looking specifically for a commuting or distance board then you’d be better off on a dropthrough.  Also, sliding and freeriding works better for most skaters, especially beginner to intermediate, on a dropthrough.  If you are looking to cruise, skate mellow hills with friends, or longboard around campus, the pintail longboard is your best bet.

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