The Best Longboard Brands of 2018

The best longboard brands this year

Everyone has their own opinion on boards. But after discussing the best longboard brands by discipline with local Denver board shop, BoardLife  (Who builds our boards) we've come up with a list of the top brands.

It's tough narrowing this down with so many great options, but you can't go wrong with any of the boards/brands that have made this list. Don't just settle for good longboards, get the best!

So you may be wondering why Concrete Coast, a longboard brand, would make a list of the best boards on the market. We believe that the best customer is a happy customer. And a happy customer needs to buy the board that meets their specific needs. We make awesome boards for most disciplines (and you should definitely check out our boards...) But we don't want to single ourselves out when there are so many amazing longboard brands out there!

You'll notice that cruise, carve, commute, and slide categories are not included in this list. This is because of our bias towards our own brand.

However, we don't make boards that are specific for the categories listed here. Ours are designed for casual skaters who want to play around, cruise, carve, have fun, and want a unique limited edition graphic.  

Grab the board that fits your style and have a blast skating, that's why we skate in the first place!


Best Downhill Longboards of 2018:

Alright, so we couldn't really narrow this down as closely as the other categories because there are so many AMAZING downhill longboards. This is also such a specific category and every skater is very divided and loyal to their favorite brand. (Let the stream of crazy comments begin!)  

Downhill boards are built for speed with a perfect balance of cornering, stability, and traction. These are typically the most technical boards on the market and each longboard brand seems to have their own new one-of-a-kind technology every year to make their board stand out from the pack.

The top four in no particular order:

Runner Ups- These are the companies that don't necessarily specialize in downhill, but do have one or more very good downhill boards.


This was a very tough category to pick. Mainly because everyone has their own style of skating and most longboard brands make great freeride boards. We love Neversummer as a snowboard company, and their longboards ride like a dream. The other factor is whether you prefer a dropthrough or a top-mount style board which is always much debated amongst the freeride crowd.


Best Freeride Dropthrough Longboard 2018: Neversummer Deviant 

Runner ups- These two brands have a great selection of dropthrough and double drop boards that are factory ready for freeride longboarding.

Moonshine MFG

Honorable Mention: Loaded Longboards In all honesty there is no board that rides quite like a Loaded. For the most part every skater has owned or still rides one of these boards and with good reason.


This is a relatively new category in the sport, and possibly one of the most practical of all skateboards. These boards are designed for traveling long distances and commuting. They are built to ride as close to the ground as possible to make it easy to cover a lot of distance with the most stability. They won't work for freeride so don't grab one of these if you plan on playing around on your board more.

Best Push Longboard 2018: Pantheon Trip

Runner Up: Pantheon Ember - Yep, Pantheon makes push boards so nice, they made the list twice.  Look no further.
Honorable Mention: Rayne Deelite Demonseed


Dance is less common in the US than it is in Europe, and certainly is in Korea.  It's a ton of fun and really tests your ability to balance and flow on a board. Dance is a slow speed discipline but that doesn't mean you'll fall less...

Best Dance Longboard 2018: Anonymous Ballerino

The fact that the board is named the "ballerino" should make it very clear what this board is made to do.  If you are looking for a dance setup, this one is incredible.  Most brands have a solid dance board so be sure to look around.

Runner up: Moonshine MFG Hoedown
Hopefully this list is helpful as you search for the perfect longboard.  We did our very best to pick the top longboard brands and would love to hear your feedback below.
We will keep updating this list as new boards are released and brands continue to push amazing new technologies.  If you're in the market for cruisers/carvers be sure to check out the Concrete Coast line here.  We also carry boards from Moonshine MFG, Holesom, BOARDLife Factory and Ouray that fill the gap on every category and ride like a dream.


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  • I really appreciate the effort you took to look for these boards in these specific categories. Thanks to you, I have found my first board which is the anonymous ballerino. Keep up the good work!


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