Choosing the best longboard brand for your style.

There's a lot of talk about which company is the best longboard brand.  We like to think it's Concrete Coast but to be honest, there's a lot of very good brands out there.

In an extremely crowded marketplace where hundreds of companies exist, how do you narrow down and select the right board for you?  The reality of this is that most companies make great boards.  There are a few that invest more into technology and research to build aggressive style boards, but this technology is only necessary for very aggressive riders. 

When you are trying to pick a board, pick one that represents your style of riding.  If you are an aggressive downhill or freerider, then you probably want to look elsewhere. 

Companies like Never Summer are pushing the limits with technology.  

Smaller companies like Ouray are also working to make amazing technical downhill/freeride boards.  

If you're thinking you want to push for a LOOOONNNGGG distance, Pantheon is pushing (pun intended) new designs in that direction.

There are bad board brands out there.

Generally price is a great indicator of a brands quality.  Higher priced boards are usually made of high quality materials and are better built.  The components have a huge effect on how a board rides, and many mainstream brands will use proprietary cheap components to cut cost and lower the price.  These are the boards you see at Target or Wal-Mart.

Also, some small startup brands won't have a press and will just cut boards into shape.  Though the board will still roll, it really won't perform.  It's best to have a concave deck at the very least.  Low prices generally directly relate to low performance.

So where does Concrete Coast fit in?

As we said in the start, the best longboard brand is the one that makes the boards that fit your style of riding.  Add to that your style of Design and that's our focus.  Our boards are made for the beginner to advanced skater looking to cruise, commute, carve, slide, and for some casual freeriding.  If that sounds like you, then we have boards that you'll love.  Almost all of our designs are created by artists and the winner chosen through our monthly contest.  We only produce 100 of each board so that you can have one that's truly representative of your unique style.

Skateboards are a form of art, and the way you skate is unique to only you.  It's one of the best parts of the sport, it's true from every angle.  The concrete is the skaters canvas, and each board should be a work of art.  Every board is hand numbered so you'll know yours is unique and will be able to pick it out of any lineup.

But seriously, which longboard brand is the best?

If you have to have the best of the best, with the definition of best being the top of the line Ferrari land-speed record setting board, look elsewhere.  If you love longboarding and aren't setting records, then we have the board for you.  You can view our complete line here.

Hopefully this helps with your decision to get the perfect board.  If you have any questions please click the "Message Us" box in the corner and we are more than happy to help you!  For a much more in-depth look at differrent styles, please view this article here.

Whats the Best Longboard Brand?

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  • Well written article and i lile that you do not try to mislead aggressive riders into buying a board that cannot do the super fast speeds. Although i will absolutly consider buying a concrete coast for commuting. You have some great designs and some cool boards. Besides i love supporting locals. Thanks guys!

    Andre Pitts

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