What are Reverse Kingpin Longboard Trucks?

RKP, TKP, WHAT? RKP or Reverse Kingpin trucks are what you generally see on every longboard.

TKP is a traditional kingpin truck. These have a steep angle and the kingpin (or main truck pivot bolt) is mounted so that it’s towards the inside of each axle.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks are most commonly mounted on longboards and the kingpin is positioned on the outside of each axle towards the ends of the board.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks on Longboard

Do I want Reverse Kingpin Trucks or Traditional Kingpin Trucks?

Picking the right one is going to depend on your type of skating. You can run TKP trucks on longboards, but typically they are the premier choice for standard skateboards.

Traditional kingpin trucks are going to be a bit less snappy and more linear. They have a stiffer feel and are considered less carvy. They are great for keeping the board a little lower to the ground and tricks / park riding.

Reverse Kingpin Trucks have a more carvy feeling and hold the board higher off the ground. They ride smoother at speed but are still easy and flowy to turn.

Not all RKP trucks are the same however! Baseplate angle determines how reverse kingpin trucks ride. If you are looking for a traditional cruiser longboard, than a 50 degree truck angle will be ideal.

But if you want the board lower to the ground and more stable, a lower angle like 45 degrees will help dramatically. The drawback? Lower degree baseplate angles are less snappy and ride a bit more like TKP trucks.

The best thing to do is head to a local longboard store and try out different setups. You won’t know until you try, and to be honest, if you aren’t a serious skater you might not notice a big difference in general!
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