My First Longboard - Let the good times roll

It’s tough to believe I went as long as I did without owning a longboard.  My first longboard quickly became one of my favorite things to do every chance I got.

The early days.

I started out skateboarding when I was a little kid and couldn’t get enough.  I would count the minutes until my parents would let me head outside to start skating in the morning because they didn’t want me to wake up the neighbors at 5AM (Can’t blame them for that…).  Then I would skate every minute of the day and work to perfect my ollie and try to land kickflips.

As I grew up I started heading to more skate parks and trying more and more tricks.  Unfortunately, when I was 12 I broke my foot in 3 places skating and stopped skating for a few years.  However, I got back after it again towards the end of high school.

My first longboard

First longboard.

I was driving to Denver with my Mom when the moment finally came to buy that first longboard. We stopped at a local sports shop in Idaho Springs, CO that was going out of business.  The board was discounted to $70 from $200!  It was a sign that I needed to buy that right then and there.  There was no option in my mind.

It was a unique longboard shaped differently than most I’d seen, and was an Element Cutter.  I didn’t know anything about boards like most people buying their first one but that didn’t matter.  Your first longboard is all about having fun and getting a feel for that style of skating.

I was hooked right away.  It practically floated across the ground compared to a skateboard.  It didn’t catch on little rocks, and it turned like a dream.  Oh, and wheels spun for what seemed like ages!

My friend bought one soon after and we would climb up a steep hill in Vail and coast back down, each time going a little higher up as our confidence built.  We learned how to foot brake but never figure out sliding, and were more than happy to do it this way.  The real key was finding the perfect hill with a great outrun and no risk of cars crossing in front of us.

Soon I started using it for transportation more and more and would take it up to 8 miles in distance.  It was a fun way to get where I was going without dealing with traffic and cars, and enjoying the speed.



After years of skating and all the fun I’ve had, I realized it was time to get more involved in the industry.

Today, I own a longboard company, Concrete Coast.  I’m proud to create boards that let other people experience what I’ve loved for so long.  It’s crazy to be the guy who provides the boards now and I couldn’t be more proud or happier to be that person.

-Connor W.

Do you have a great first longboard story?  We would love to hear it in the comments below and see what long boarding means to you!

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