7 Reasons to Buy a Mini Cruiser Skateboard

There's a trend that's been quietly growing and fills a huge void in the longboard world.  The mini cruiser skateboard.  So why would you want one?  That's a great question, thanks for asking!

Holesom Mini Cruiser - Crouton

Reasons you need a mini cruiser in your arsenal

  1. It's the perfect size for bringing EVERYWHERE with you.  This way you always have a board to skate and play around on.  No longer will you be standing there playing around with your phone to kill time, instead you can skate!

  2. Mini cruisers are a blast to skate.  The smaller wheel base makes it perform similarly to a regular skateboard, but because the wheels are big and soft it's nice and forgiving, and super smooth to ride.

  3. These boards skate pools like a dream.  The short wheelbase makes it roll over the heavier curves and bumps in pools without the board high centering (catching in the middle) like a traditional longboard.

  4. The ladies think this board is cute.  Now, you might be thinking that's a bad thing, but because your board is "cute" they will see that you are an easy going dude and want to hang out. Mini cruiser = More ladies.  Now we don't want to discriminate either, so ladies, if you have a mini cruiser you'll be attracting more men!  This works both ways because guys love girls that skate, and girls love mini cruisers.

  5. The mini cruiser board is small enough to play around in any location.  Unlike a standard longboard you can hop on one of these in a very small area and play around.  100 square feet of concrete will do the trick.

    Ouray Terra Mini Cruiser

  6. Most have at least one kicktail, and because it's small it's easier for tricks.  Ollie, kickflip, manual: the world is yours on a mini cruiser.  This same kicktail makes it great for popping up and down curbs.

  7. It's far better for commuting than a normal skateboard.  The big wheels make it much smoother, and these are typically even more compact so you can throw it in your bag and take it with you anywhere.

Yes, you'll still want to keep your longboard for downhill and cruising.  But for the rest of the time the mini cruiser skateboard is a dream come true.  Why did it take so long for these to take off?  Let us know if you have one below and what you think!

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