Longboards Made In USA

With most brands embracing a global trend for cheaper product pricing, we've gone completely local.  All Concrete Coast Longboards are made in USA!

From the earliest days of Concrete Coast I've embraced a made in USA ideal.  To me it makes more sense in just about every way to make products where we can see them.  Although not every component is made in USA, the boards themselves are pressed in Denver, CO.

Longboards Made in USA

Quality Control - Longboards Made in USA

One of the best parts of building boards here is making sure everything meets our high standards.  Having boards made overseas would mean that I couldn't inspect the boards before shipping and monitor the process.

There's a lot of process to making every single board and it's not as simple as pressing boards together with glue.  The humidity needs to be right, the glue applied correctly, the press needs to be dialed in, and the list goes on and on.

Many boards are pressed incorrectly and have pressure cracks that are sealed in with wood fill and glue.  Although this may not drop performance or be visible, we like to make sure our boards aren't thrown together like this.

BoardLife makes just about all of our boards and they do an amazing job and build with passion.  To them it's not work, it's an art form that they love.

 Lead Times

Making boards here gives us fast turnaround.  This is why we are able to host our monthly contest and release such small batches of boards.  

With a traditional overseas model boards can take months to go from design to finally arriving in the US.  And even then, they may not come out right... I want our boards to be the best they can possibly be and released as soon as possible.

Shipping goods to the USA

Transportation and Pollution

Many will argue agains this because there are big boats shipping products all the time, but cutting back on the amount of products being transported helps keep our planet and air clean.

Less products shipped around the world = less fuel wasted = less pollution.

More Jobs 

As South Park said, "They Took our Jobs!".  When companies go overseas they aren't supporting our economy and neighbors.  There are lots of people here that need jobs, just about every one of us....  

Sweatshop FREE

It's important to me to know that the people who produce boards are fully supported and working in a healthy environment.  Although it's cheaper to outsource, it was more important to me to make sure the producers earn a good living and aren't forced into poor conditions.

We can look the other way and say that it's "Better" and not like this in other countries anymore, but it's simply not the truth.  Yes, some factories are better and rules and regulations are helping, but it's not there yet.

Get your Longboards Made in USA!

All of our boards are made right here in Colorado.  Check out the full lineup here.

Even if you aren't passionate about products made in USA, it's easy to see the benefits.  Let us know of any other US companies that you love in the comments below.


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