Longboard Truck Angles Explained

For such a seemingly simple component, longboard trucks are actually quite complicated.  Different trucks will dramatically change the way a board rides. The baseplate angle is just one of many truck parts that are important to understand.

Almost every brand has two different longboard truck angles in each model.  These angles determine how the board rides and will change how your board feels underfoot.

Caliber 50 Satin Green

At Concrete Coast we ship our boards with Caliber trucks and depending on the model have either the 44 degree or 50 degree trucks mounted.  This angle is based on how the baseplate holds the hanger.  The hanger is the part that  holds the axle.

A lower angle sits the board a bit closer to the ground and is more ideal at high speeds or for freeriding and lots of slide.  The lower angle makes the board less turny for stability.  This is especially helpful when you are sliding and need the board to feel solid.

Most cruisers and carvers are setup with a high angle truck like the Caliber 50 degree.  This lets the board tilt more and gives more clearance off the ground.  It's amazing how much of a difference just 6 degrees can make but it really affects the ride.  Some cruiser boards will get wheelbite with a 44 degree truck making the 50 a better option.

Which truck should I buy?

It's important to note that both high and low angle trucks can be used on just about any board type.  Every skater has their own preference and these are general guidelines based on what style of longboarding you like to do.  Start with a low angle truck for freeride, downhill, and push / long distance commute.  If you are wanting to cruise and carve then the higher truck angle will make the board more fun.

Check out the Caliber trucks we use here.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you!

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