Longboard Reviews Websites - Not to be Trusted

My quick thought about longboard reviews: As I’ve built up Concrete Coast I've noticed how many sites exist with fake reviews.  

Bad Longboard Reviews

Why are there bad longboard review websites?

These sites were simply built to increase rankings on Google.  They mask themselves as true “review” sites and the problem is that people are putting their trust in these companies.  From what I can tell each site is built by choosing some popular cheap companies from Amazon and then linking to their sites.  Many of the companies on these likely paid for the post and should not be trusted.
Never trust a review from a website that has tons of grammatical errors and typos.  Often times these are collections of pages put together by VA’s or Virtual Assistants in foreign countries and are built simply for catching more visitors.  The sites are setup to sell Ad space or as an affiliate for another company like Amazon.

How to find good reviews.

If you are looking for a really good longboard, don’t trust a review site with links only to Amazon.  The reviews are almost definitely not real!
Now don’t get me wrong, there are great review sites out there with honest board reviews.  Just be sure to look deeper than one website when you find a board you like.  It’s best to go to the local shop and ask there, or simply to find another site with reviews from actual customers for the board.  Another great source is the Reddit long boarding page where you can ask the shredders about a board you’re interested in for real opinions!
Now go find a REAL review site and if you find something solid, please share it for everyone in the comments below!
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