Longboard Forums Worth Checking Out

One of the best parts of longboarding is the community behind the sport.  It's a closely knit community where the more involved you become, the better it gets.  We've put together a list of the top Longboard Forums that you should check out and consider joining.

Reddit Longboarding:

If you've ever spent any time on Reddit you'll know that this is a real community.  Reddit is so well managed and run that you can find just about anything on there.  The longboard community on Reddit is probably the most alive and well of any out there.  This is an awesome longboard forum where you can share photos of your thane lines, crash footage, ride setups, and just about anything else related to our awesome sport.  If you aren't on here and you want to learn more about Longboarding (stuff you don't see on Concrete Coast) then definitely head over and check this out: Reddit Longboarding

Silverfish Longboarding:

Silverfish Longboard Forum

Silverfish has been around for a long time and pops up for just about any longboard forums search that you do online.  There's more categories in this forum than you'll know what to do with and you could literally spend days scanning the feeds upon feeds of content.  Are you looking to be a better filmer or photographer, yup they've got that!  Want to sell a board?  There's a forum for that too.  Need advice for your next setup?  Check this out for sure!  Silverfish Longboarding

Facebook Groups:

Facebook has a TON of longboarding groups and many are local.  This is where you want to go to find other skaters nearby to skate with and get the scoop on local spots to shred.  Just search facebook groups for longboarding and your state or city and there's probably one for you.

Local Shops - The Original Forum:

Board Life Longboard Store

Hit up your local longboard shop and they can probably answer any question that you have.  For us it also happens to be where our boards are made.  Board Life USA.  These guys will teach you everything you could ever hope to learn about longboard skateboarding and can even hook you up with other skaters to go shred! 

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