Interview with November contest winner: Aleksander Medenica

We really enjoy getting to know the contest winners and their unique approaches to design.  Here's an interview we had with December winner, Aleksander Medenica.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Aleksandar Medenica and I am from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm a half American half Serbian Student, Designer and Basketball player. I am a Senior in High School currently living in Maine, USA. I lived most of my life in Serbia, about 16 years, but every year I came to visit Maine because my mom grew up here. Being a student athlete, it can get very hard to balance school, basketball, friends, family, work, play and design. I have a younger brother and younger sister who go to a different school than me, my mom is a 7th grade Science and Social Studies teacher and my father is involved with real-estate.

What inspired your design?

My design was just an accidental doodle in the sketchbook to be quite honest. I started out with a little doodle, liked it, made it a bit bigger doodle and took a picture of it, transferring it onto my computer and beginning to work on the design. I've always found geometric design fascinating and very satisfying so this was the perfect opportunity to showcase my love for the style.  

What programs did you use to make the design?

I used my favorite programs, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

Have you always been interested in graphic design/art?

Every since I was around 8 years old, I was doing stop motion animation, drawing, creating logos for imaginary companies and doodling. I was brought up in a very creative environment thanks to my mother, so I believe that I was destined to become a graphic designer.

Who inspires you most?

I believe that the person that inspires me most is my younger brother. He always is so excited when I come up with a new design or something he finds 'really cool!' I always feel like he motivates me and gives me ideas to pursue this dream of mine.

When did you start skating and what do you like to skate the most?

I have never skated a day in my life! hopefully I'll be able to pick some long boarding up in college next year!

Any design techniques/suggestions/advice that you have for other competitors?

Be patient with your ideas and how you execute them. I love tedious work myself so it's fun when I get a project to work on and there is a lot to do. Don't doubt yourself and your work, you are your biggest critic but don't be too critical to the point where it interferes with your workflow (I had this problem and overcame it through persistence).

What is your ultimate goal/dream?

My ultimate goal is to own a graphic apparel business which I have already started! It's called Ergo Designs and I am almost ready to start selling my hats and sweatshirts! It's amazing how your dreams can finally become a reality! The ultimate goal is obviously to expand world wide as any company would want to do, but first we are starting small. (Side note: I want someone famous to be wearing my clothes)

You can check out Aleksander's brilliant board design here.

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