How to Beat Wheel Bite

You’re cruising along having a blast on your board, and just as you lean hard into your famously stylish carve….. SCREECH… Crash… Ouch.  Wheel bite has struck again. Here are our tips on how to beat wheel bite at the source, so the next time you crash it’s because you pushed to hard, not a technical board error. 

There’s a few simple ways to stop this from happening so you don’t have to shed any more skin.  

  • You can add risers above the trucks to get the board higher up from the wheels.  
  • Drop a wheel size or two so there more space between trucks and wheels.  
  • Tighten your trucks so they don’t catch again.  
  • Swap out to a stiffer set of bushings (similar to tightening trucks but changes the whole feel).  
  • Sand in some new wheel wells so theres space for your deep carves.  
  • Or simply buy a new deck that is more accommodating for your setup…

Let’s start with the easiest and cheapest possible solution: Tighten your trucks.

Tighten Trucks to Beat Wheelbite

This costs you nothing and is done in literally 5 seconds.  If it’s not a bad wheel bite it’s likely the best solution to all your “biting" problems.  The clear drawback to this is riding a stiffer setup and having to work harder to engage each turn.  

This means that you’re perfectly balanced trucks are going to ride differently than before and that can be a real pain.

Add risers to gain height above your wheels.

There’s several different size risers on the market and you can even combine them to get the height dialed just right.  Risers are fairly cheap which is also why they are a near perfect solution.  

The drawback? Your board rides higher off the ground.  This can dramatically change how it feels, but will also give you added traction on the wheels.  Not so good for sliding but ideal for carving and high speed slides.  

Another bonus to risers is that they will help absorb shock from pavement.  You can even buy risers that have different hardnesses for this very purpose.

Add a set of these and you have another cheap fix.

Swap your bushings for a different ride.

Bushings control how your trucks feel and come in a combination of two for each truck, often different styles.

Bushings come in different durometers, so if you are catching your wheels than you want something harder to combat this.  

The other option is to go with different shaped bushings.  Basically ones that are larger / have more urethane will ride stiffer and ramp up differently the deeper you carve.  This “ramping” means that as you get closer to wheel bite the trucks feel tighter and essentially stop the bite from happening.  

Drop down your wheel size.

Different Sized Skate Wheels

If you have monster wheels that this is likely the main cause since most boards are built to accommodate average sized wheels.  You could buy a new smaller diameter set, or ones that are less wide to fix the problem.  

Drawbacks to smaller new wheels include faster acceleration but lower top speed, and a much less smooth ride.  They will be easier to slide however so if you’re a freerider this is a no brainer.

Sand in new wheel wells.

Grab sand paper at the local hardware shop and put in some serious sweat equity.... Sanding out a new wheel well.  This will be a rewarding way to fix the problem.  A hand sander or belt sander works great too but is expensive and you’re better off with a different solution if you need to drop that much material or don't already have a sander.

The best part of this is that your board will ride the same as it already did.  However, this won't fix the issue if it's a dramatic amount of wheel bite.

Sanding has it’s own huge drawbacks.  It can affect the structural integrity of the board and make it less stiff or more likely to break.  It also generally won’t look as nice especially because you’ll have to sand into the graphic.  Only do this if you are really comfortable with the idea.

Buy a new board.

There’s a lot of boards on the market that may be better for your style of skating if you don’t want to make any of these changes.  Try something out and we’re sure you’ll find a setup that fits your specific needs.  

We have a board for every discipline at Concrete Coast and would love to see you on one of our brands if these fixes don’t work for your setup!  Comment below with your setup and how you fixed/avoided wheelbite.

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