Drop Deck Longboards In Detail

The board making process is very complex.  It's a true art form that the best companies perfect over time and through serious experimentation. The drop deck longboard is a realization of many hours of passion designing boards. 

One of the best designs for distance is the double drop deck longboard.  These are designed to keep your feet as close to the ground as possible so you'll get less worn out pushing.  

Pantheon Wanderlust

Building a drop deck longboard

A drop deck board has two ramps built into the mold that lower the mid section to the ground while keeping it level so you still have a wide area for moving your feet around.

When longboards are built they are created by layering plys of wood with the grain in different directions.  The strongest plys will have the grain running the length of the board.  The most lively feeling but weaker plys have grain running across the width.  These boards alternate throughout a deck.

The more plys a board have, the stiffer it will ride. This is also affected by the type of wood used to make the board.  Stiff wood requires less plys to make a stiffer board.

Glue is layered between each ply to hold them together, and the board is pressed using a machine press and mold to conform to the specific shape.

After the glue is set and dried the board shape is cutout, it's sanded, sealed, and artwork is applied via heat transfer.

Manufacturing Longboards

With any severe curves wood can crack.  This is where the real challenge is faced with designing a drop deck, and what separates the pros from the amateurs.  The best companies will spend a lot of time tweaking a mold until it creates the perfect curves with little to no cracking.

Why you would (or wouldn't) want one...

Pushing is one of the newest styles of longboarding and it makes a lot of sense.  Push boards are great for commuting, and a blast to cover some serious distance for a day full of adventure.  The drop deck longboard makes it much easier to cover a full day of push skating and rides like a dream.

Dropped boards making sliding easier.  Because you're feet aren't able to go directly over the trucks you have less traction.  Also, the board being closer to ground creates less tip which makes it faster and smoother to initiate the slide since you won't have to force it as strongly.

Pantheon Wanderlust Longboard

The drawback to a drop deck?  It's so low to the ground that when you carve hard you can actually catch the pavement.  That's why these boards are built specifically for long distance pushing to have the most stability.  

  Drop deck longboards make an amazing addition to anyones quiver.  Do you own one or plan on buying one?  Leave a comment below and let us know the brand and name of your favorite board.

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