Picking the Best Longboards for Beginner Girls

Most girls are not built the same as guys.  If you look at the snowboard industry girls boards are typically a bit shorter and have more flex.

Skating is not just a guys sport and it’s time we start designing longboards for girls to rip on too!  Not every girl wants a cute longboard to ride on, they want performance too.

But are there great longboards for girls?  There are so many styles to look through, here’s our tips and recommendations for boards that will ride perfectly for the ladies.

Longboards for girls

Board flex pattern - stiffness and responsiveness

This is a huge one.  Beginners likely want something with a little more flex, and since girls usually weigh less than guys, they want even more flex. 

Flex makes boards more forgiving, playful, and fun to skate.  Unless you are aiming to set speed records, look for a flexy board. 

So how do you know if a board has a lot of flex?  This comes down to wood type and plys. 

Plys of wood are the layers of wood in a board.  Look for something with 7 or less plus in the industry standard canadian maple.  Or see if the board details page will tell you how stiff the ride feels.

Pintail or Dropthrough - which style makes the best longboard for girls?

Pintail girls longboard

This depends on personal preference instead of girl vs. guy.  Pintails ride more surfy and may be a bit tougher to start, but are better for cruising and carving.

Drop through girls longboard

Dropthroughs are easier to balance and learn, but less fun for carving and cruising.  If you plan on sliding however this is a far better fit.

Here’s our article detailing both.

Board Length - Mini cruiser or full size?

Mini cruisers are great for transport and if you aren’t very tall can be a great fit.  Cruisers will be more balanced, easier to ride, and are better for beginners. 

Cruisers are typically 36” on up.  We recommend not going too much longer than 39” because it will be tougher to steer.

Wheels - What wheels will be most fun?

Guy or girl, the wheels make one of the biggest differences in how a board performs.  Look for something with a softer rating (80a or below.) 

Softer wheels will make the ride cushier and more forgiving.  They also grip the road better so you don’t have to fear sliding out and losing control.

Go large with your wheels!  Larger diameter wheels will  roll over cracks, rocks, and bumps in the road much more easily.  This way you won’t catch something, have the board stop dead under your feet, and smash into the ground.

You need all the forgiveness you can get when you start out!

Longboard Wheels


Don’t stress about a high ABEC bearing rating.  Lower is fine here and actually makes it easier to start so you won’t roll too fast.

Finding your perfect beginner longboard.

As you look for the best girls longboard, keep these details in mind.  Try not to get too caught up in tech, no beginner needs the most expensive setup possible!  Go for the board that fits your style and the design you like most, and get out there!

Here are a few of our favorites for girls:

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