7 Longboard Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

As we say a lot here, longboarding is a form of art.  It’s an expression of yourself on the pavement from the way you carve, right down to the board you ride.  Longboard designs run the gamut, but every once in a while there’s one that blows all the others away.

Designing longboards takes a strong eye and doesn’t always work out the way you envision in your mind.  Starting with a blank slate (or deck in this case) often causes artist’s block.  It’s when your mind freezes up because there are so many possibilities, and you want to get it right.  
There’s no way of settling the dispute as to whether planned art, or art that is created without thought is better.  You’ll just have to get started to find out what works for you.
Scroll down to view our 7 favorite longboard designs.

Longboard Designs Tips

If you are looking to make an awesome longboard, or compete in our monthly board design contest, here’s some tips that will help you.
  • Design around a passion of yours.  If you are more passionate about long boarding than anything else, than it’s clear that you’d want to design a board that reflects this passion.  If the ocean is your passion, find a way to design around the ocean.  Passionate artists create the most stunning work of all.
  • Designing a longboard takes time and many versions.  Don’t rush the process just to get it done.  Take your time and create something that you’re proud of.
  • Keep truck placement and board shape in mind.  You don’t want a main component of your artwork to get covered up.
  • Work with the design method that’s best for you.  If you hate digital, paint, draw, or ink the design and digitize (scan and convert to a computer file).
  • The rule of thirds is a common photography principle that will help you design everything.  Place main components of your design 1/3 and 2/3 of the way up the board.  If you center everything perfectly when the design isn’t geometric, it won’t look appealing.
  • Bleed the edges with your artwork.  Don’t limit yourself to the edge of the board as you design, paint outside the confinements of the board shape to create a fully cohesive image.  Even though you can’t see these parts after the artwork is done, they will help you to paint the complete picture and it will look more detailed because your aren’t limiting the design.
  • Step back, walk away, and come back later as you work.  Taking your mind off your painting/digital work for a bit and coming back will change your perception and help you make a better design.
  • Get outside opinions, but don’t rely on them.  Often times another point of view can help us make design better, just don’t take everything to heart and change the whole design because someone doesn’t like it.  Everyone has their own opinion, and many peoples are wrong..

Pantheon Wanderlust

We were immediately drawn to this nature inspired design from Pantheon longboards.  It's full of detail and has such a clean hand drawn look.  The way the elements tie together is perfect, as is the overall composition.Pantheon Wanderlust longboard design

Neversummer Avalanche Longboard

Not only is the shape of this board impressive, it's photographic design is very clean and makes a powerful statement.  It ties in the mountain lifestyle perfectly and features such a great name for a downhill deck.

Neversummer avalanche longboard

LowTide Longboards

Proof that beautiful and powerful designs don't have to be complicated.  Low Tide Longboards is carving out it's own niche with boards that are custom designed and cut out.  These are some very cool longboard designs and proves that simple artwork can be the most appealing of all.  Check this board out here.

Low Tide Longboards

Concrete Coast - Artist Designed Fluidity Board

Since our boards are designed by artists through our monthly contest, it made sense to include one here.  This design is our favorite so far because of the combination of "Coast" and the punchy vibrant colors.  In stores it literally jumps right off the rack.  Thank you to artist Glenn Fournier for this incredible board!

Arbor Solstice Board Series

We just love it when a board features the actual wood grain.  This board has such a clean, natural, and almost "gypsy" look that really is oh-so polished.  Arbor has a lot of boards that feature the grain, most likely due to their namesake being "arbor".  It's a great aesthetic and we are sure it speaks to a lot of the in-touch-with-nature skaters.

Arbor Solstice Longboard

Madrid Yeti Longboard

Who doesn't love a good evil looking yeti?  Madrid has a HUGE line of boards but this one jumped out with it's cool winter coloring.  The darker style of artwork has that grunge appeal of early skateboarding.  

Madrid Yeti Longboard

Rayne Long Treks Deelite Demonseed Longboard

Sharks are awesome.  But sharks have sharp teeth.  Don't get attacked by a real shark in person.  Ride a shark on the road and enjoy.  The line art on this board is so detailed and yet still shows the grain.  Composition is perfect too.  Rayne makes a lot of very cool graphics and boards that are worth checking out.

Rayne Deelite Longboard


There's literally thousands more skateboards out there to go through and pick from.  This list is hardly complete but shows just a few that jump out to us right now.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Do you have a favorite longboard design?  Share a link below so everyone can check it out!



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