10 Perfect Gifts for Longboarders and Skaters

Picking just the right gift for friends and family can be difficult.  Do they love to longboard or skate?  Here's a list of 10 gifts that just about any longboarder or skater would love to have.

#1: Blenders Eyewear Natty Ice Lime Sunglasses.  

These glasses look and perform great and won't hurt your wallet.   It's a clean skater style and comes in all kinds of color combos.  Consider this the cooler alternative to Ray-Bans that isn't cheap like an average knock-off.  Be sure to check out their other styles as well.

#2: Holesom "Cords" Slide Gloves with Glow Puck.

These slide gloves rock!  The puck glows in the dark which makes it even more fun and most importantly, safer, to skate at night.  Super well built and ships for free in the USA.  This is definitely not a mainstream brand so you'll score some street credit too!

#3: Concrete Coast Mystic Board Tee.

Be seen in this bright board tee and rep longboarding everywhere you go.  Our tees are super comfortable, fitted and soft.  An amazing (and affordable) gift for any longboarder or skater.

Blood Orange Colored Grip Tape

#4: Blood Orange Colored Grip Tape.

Give the gift of unique.  Longboarders love to customize their setups and adding a new grip tape color will make their board stand out.  Plus, it's fun to install and gives them a project.  Grip gets worn out all the time so it's impossible to have too much!

Moonshine Manufacturing Logo Hat

#5: Moonshine MFG Logo Hat. 

 Who doesn't want a great looking hat?  Especially one from one of the coolest longboard brands.  Perfect for helmet hair after a downhill run or freeriding.  

Element Mohave Backpack

#6: Element Mohave Backpack.

This one's a Mo' Have!  Stylish design in lots of colors and patterns and includes board straps for skaters/longboarders to be able to take their boards everywhere they go.  Now they won't have to carry the board under their arm when they go into a shop or stop at Chipotle for lunch.

Atlas Bearings

 #7: Atlas Truck Co. Bearings with Built-in Spacer.

Give the gift of speed.  No longboarder can have too many bearings.  These feature a built-in spacer which makes them perfect for sliding.  Spacers fight axial load so the bearings don't break or get damaged as quickly!

Sunset Skateboard LED Wheels

#8: Sunset Skateboard LED Wheels.

Not necessarily designed for high performance, these wheels are perfect for a cruising or commuting board.  One more way for the longboarder to be seen at night.  They also have standard sized LED skate wheels that fit any board.  A great gift for the skater that also cruises or commutes!  

#9: Longboard Posters

Each month we host a contest where artists design our next longboard.  We also release their artwork as a poster where 50% of the profit goes back to the artist.  The perfect gift for a longboarder who already has all the gear.

Toy Boarders Skateboarder Toy Set

#10: Toyboarders Skate Set

The toy any skater would want.  This $7 set features 24 different toy boarders built just like the little green army men.  Really unique and fun!

It's never a bad time to give a gift and longboarders will love these.  If you have any other gift suggestions please feel free to add them to the comments below!

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