10 Amazing Longboard Companies You Should Know

In a world dominated by large brands, it’s refreshing to see so many incredible small longboard companies that have a whole lot of exciting things going on.

The top small longboard companies

The toughest part about finding small companies is simply finding them.  This list includes the brands that you won’t find in big stores and chains.  These longboard companies are still pressing boards in garages or small warehouses and trying to find a footing in the industry.  Brands that just like us at Concrete Coast, are hoping to do things differently and make boards that push the industry in bold new ways.  Whether that be revolutionizing shapes and styles, how boards are sold, or creating true artwork.  
Working to build our brand we’ve come to know about many of these companies and wanted to help get the word out there.  Maybe the next time you are looking for a new board, you’ll consider one of the little guys, even if it isn’t us we'll still be stoked that you’re supporting these longboard companies.  These are the little guys who just want to make an incredible skateboard to make our sport better than ever!

Our list of amazing longboard companies in no particular order:

  1. Pantheon Longboards - What can we say about these guys?  Close friends of Concrete Coast and also the makers of our boards through Board Life USA in Denver, CO.  Jeff at Pantheon is driving the PUSH industry.  Long distance boards that feature brilliant artwork built by a passionate skater.  Jeff spends countless hours perfecting molds and process to build the best boards in the market.  His passion is reflected in each board and it’s clear that this company will break through in a big way. https://www.pantheonlongboards.com/

  2. Holesom Boards - About as core of a longboard brand as we can think of, Holesom is making a ton of incredible products.  You’ll notice the name is taken quite literally when you look at their complete line up.  Even their slide pucks have holes in them. You can check out their products here: Holesom Boards

  3. Burn Board Company - Bamboo boards that are burnt using a torch to really bring out the grain and create beautiful designs.  Another Denver company that is taking art to the longboard.  It’s refreshing to see such a unique take on making boards from a very polished brand.  http://www.burnboardco.com/

  4. LowTide Longboards - Each board is a work of art by the owners of LowTide.  These boards feature cutouts in shapes so intricate we can’t even begin to explain how they are making these.  These guys pour their heart and souls into every single skateboard.  Be sure to checkout their instagram and watch for the stories they share showing each board being built and designed. http://www.lowtidelongboards.com/

  5. Northern Pine Longboards - These guys make beautiful and simplistic board designs that still show the wood throughout with pine artwork.  It’s a similar style to what we would make for our own designs if we didn’t have our monthly art contests!  

    Northern Pine Longboards

  6. Liqwood Boards - Denver based Liqwood is gaining ground fast (literally!) and features a board for most styles with hand made artwork.  Stay tuned to these guys as they are now working to make new boards through the Board Life Factory as well.  

  7. Carver Skateboards - Carver is the pioneer of surf skate.  They make a custom truck that provides the most surf like feeling possible with a dual pivot design.  It makes the board spring out of the deepest carve possible with a quick boost.  Check out the complete line here and read about their tech.  Very cool products and ideas! http://www.carverskateboards.com/

  8. Nelson Longboards (Now Defunct, RIP!)- Nelson makes boards just one at a time on the press.  Most companies will press several at once to speed up operations.  The reason this is done is to make the boards more precise and ensure that all contours come out perfectly.  You’ll notice that these boards are very technically designed and this is definitely where they shine.  Check them out at: 

    Nelson Longboards - Batray

  9. Longboard Larry - Don’t let the dated site fool you.  These boards are the real deal and and Larry has boards for just about every discipline, even the underserved dance category.  Definitely check this line up out!  http://longboardlarry.com/

  10. Moonshine MFG. - Okay, so maybe Moonshine isn’t that “little” of a brand, but they make some very sick skateboards. One of the biggest innovations they bring to the table is fully waterproof decks.  Never ruin a deck again by water logging the wood.  These decks are very technically advanced and Moonshine is a name that is growing like crazy in the industry but retains that real skater owned feel. Check Moonshines boards out here.

    Moonshine MFG Outlaw Longboard

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  • Another company that deserves to be on this list is KOTA longboards out of Denver, Colorodo. Nothing comes close to the look and feel of these boards. Check them out at kotalongboards.com and see for yourself.


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